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Dismissive, Racist and Poor Customer Service from the Pharmacist. This is the 4th time I’ve approached​ ​the Pharmacist within the store, and all 4 times they’ve been unhelpful and unfriendly. This last occurrence​ was the worst I’ve experienced. I went in to purchase another packet of an Over The Counter product I was sold just 4 weeks prior. An inexpensive product that I don’t require a prescription for. The Chinese Dr / Pharmacist starts interrogating​ me, asking personal questions in front​ of other customers, that I didn’t feel comfortable sharing publicly. He isn’t my Dr, I don’t require a prescription for this product. Yet, I was made to feel terrible, he then refuses to sell it to me. I feel their attitude to black customers needs to be addressed. Interestingly, my partner (who is white / Caucasian​), goes to the same Pharmacist​ and is sold that ‘same product’ with no issues​!

There is a woman named Denice who works at this pharmacy who knows NOTHING about customer service. She is rude and disrespectful to her customers , especially the elderly.
This company doesn’t make customers aware of changes on their orders, changes are made and customers have to “ take it or leave it”, per Denice.
I can’t believe it! The BBB should shut them down.

  • Khali CBD Dispensary
    Rating: 5.00
    What customers say about Khali CBD Dispensary:
    – Called 4 places that had CBD for dogs before this location answered the phone. I drove an hour and got well taken care of. My pup actually likes the flavor and shes super picky! Thank you so much for helping my family on a Sunday! Update- I also got a daily dose of gummies. CBD has never worked for my before but these gummies worked!
    Rating: 4.30
    What customers say about
    – Only. Two types of recreational flower & didn’t seem any better than a CBD flower I got in Joliet,, I also didn’t know the only sell shake,, my first time to a dispensary wasn’t as awesome as I thought,, I was hoping to be checking out awesome nugs
  • Your CBD Store – Brandon, FL
    Rating: 5.00
    What customers say about
    – Akhil was the gentleman that has helped us. He is very smart and know what he’s talking about! If you want to go to any cbd store this is the store you’re looking for. Very nicely set up store and plenty of options for people and pets.
  • Hemp Haven Gladstone
    Rating: 4.80
    What customers say about
    – Nancy is amazing. Absolutely no pressure and extremely knowledgeable of not only her product but the industry in general. Hemp Haven Gladstone is the ONLY place i go for any of my CBD needs.
  • Healing Hemp NC
    Rating: 5.00
    What customers say about
    – Friendly business that really took the time to explain everything to me. I didn’t know much about CBD oils and their uses and the staff took the time to educate me. Great shopping experience!